Founded in 1997 and installed in prime location and easy access , the office is fully computerized , networked with equipment, advanced management system of administrative and judicial , advanced management system processes documents related to processes as well as access internet and intranet. An indispensable infrastructure for the proper development of services. Indeed, only an operational structure that is both broad , comprehensive and flexible is able to respond quickly and efficiently to this expectation during all stages of the service.

Specialize in different areas, members attend professional services in a specific way, with its own team, optimizing customer service and positively influencing the results.

The office also has other employees in technical and administrative areas. All procedures either to conclude a settlement on preventive sphere, or the presentation of a judicial and / or administrative defense , are performed by professionals Marcilio Tonani de Carvalho Law Firm, accompanying daily changing legislation , case law and doctrine , recycling knowledge and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of services provided.